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Savings Apps: Can you really earn money?

As the world continues to return to normal following Covid-19, I wanted to share my favorite savings apps with you all! During Covid, many of us were not traveling like we used to and were finding all kinds of ways to save money where we could with the uncertain future facing us. Well now is the time to keep up those saving habits and these apps will help you do just that! The savings start small but as you rack up points and savings, it becomes significant! 

The Pros: Savings apps are great when they are free to you and easy to use! Most saving apps just require receipts! There are also apps that make it even easier if you link your credit card or bank information to the app! 
The Cons: Remember to use them! Some apps will yield bigger rewards but you have to give them access to your credit card or bank account information. That always makes Kyle a little nervous so we stick with apps that do not require it. Be careful in the amount of apps you have; too many and it can become overwhelming or difficult to use. 

Fetch Rewards:

Fetch Rewards has recently gone through a MAJOR update making it worth even more than it was before! Fetch Rewards is super convenient to the point that all you have to do is scan your receipts into the system to earn points for rewards.

Each point is worth one cent! Until recently, the only receipts they were taking were from grocery stores. They have recently changed this and you now can scan ANY receipt from ANYWHERE and Get Points! Currently, non-grocery store receipts are worth 5 points and grocery store receipts are worth 25 at a minimum.

For grocery receipts, you can score more points based on the items you buy! The best part?!? You don’t even have to save the items! They are added automatically when you scan the receipt.  I have received over 200 points on just one receipt! With the new changes, the possibilities are limitless! With Fetch you can start redeeming points at 3,000 ($3) dependent on the vendor. Some of the vendors include Express, Amazon, Starbucks, Target, Autozone, and so much more! Go big or go home with Fetch Rewards! Referral code: Q5UFY


This may be my favorite savings app! I have earned the most money, the fastest, with the GetUpside app. This app allows you to find gas stations near you with a discount from 1-15 cents per gallon. Once you select your gas station, they give you several hours to go, get you gas and scan in you receipt (some gas stations are now “check-ins”- log into the app when you get to the location and your purchase can automatically be linked with your credit card).

The app also has multiple “bonus days”. For example, on New Year’s Eve there was an additional 10 cents per gallon on top of the current offer at any gas station. Redeeming your money is even easier on GetUpside. There is no minimum you must hit to redeem and their options are limitless. They even have a cash back option so you do not have to decide on a specific store!

Referral Code: 5S9BW

Zap! Surveys:

If you are constantly on the go, you NEED this app! Zap! pays you money just for driving past certain stores! Each time I drive by Wal-mart, I get a notification from the app, log in,  and I get 7 cents for location. You also can earn 3 cents everyday you log in! Want to earn even more? You can fill out surveys on the app that very in the amount of money you can earn! This app also you to redeem at $20 in the form of gift cards or cash! 


Another great savings app for all your grocery store trips! Ibotta allows you to get money back for buying specific items from stores like Publix, Target, Walmart and more! Ibotta even allows you to link your Target Circle account so you don’t even need to scan the receipt after you shop.

The downside of this app? You have to save the items you buy if your accounts are linked and you need to have them saved before you scan the receipt.

The pros, you can earn some big money back if you are not picky about your brands! You can redeem every $20 earned for gift cards or cash! Referral code: nbcfodo  


Although I do not have this app, I have heard nothing be great things! Acorns requires you to link to your bank account but this is also what makes the app useful. Acorns takes all your purchases and rounds up the next the next whole dollar. Those cents are then put into the app as a savings account. You can then take that money and split it into different categories. You can create different savings buckets for different items (I.e. Vacation, a new car, etc.). The reports I have from friends and family on this app? You can save hundreds to use towards your next blog purchase or event! 

Company Specific Apps:

I know some of us hate having multiple apps but be sure to look into company-specific apps. By having the company-specific app you can sometimes earn points (I.e. Stars on Starbucks) or get app-only promos ($10 off). I find that restaurants have the best savings/rewards programs via their app but be sure to look into other retailers as well. 

In Conclustion:

The savings from these apps are REAL. I have had these apps and used them faithfully for about 9 months now. Through that time I have made over $200! Can you imagine what you could do with an extra $200 a year? Ladies, that is one nice handbag or pair of shoes! That could be a great date night out or concert tickets! How about a new suit jacket or watch for the men?!? What if you just wanted to use it to pay some student loan off?!? I know that is probably one whole month for some people out there! And to think, I don’t link my credit card and I don’t “coupon” as hard as you can on these apps!

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